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After working in accounts and finance for nearly 20 years, South East Business Services was founded by Marni Bricknall in 2015.


​With a passion for working with numbers and helping people succeed, Marni wanted to help small and medium business owners take the stress out of their book work.


For many business owners, the implications and pressure that comes with not keeping up with all the invoicing, debt collection, payroll, BAS submissions, ATO obligations and what seems to be a never ending pile of paperwork, it can be quite overwhelming.


Marni, along with her team of registered BAS Agents and administration staff, have helped many small and medium business owners take control of their finances and daily business needs. Helping many small and medium business owners succeed by allowing them to spend their time, and focus, on what they are good at. Give the team a call today to find out how your business could benefit by using trained professionals.

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Marni Bricknall

Bookkeeper | BAS Agent | ASIC Agent

Drinks way too much coffee, loves spending time with her family and thoroughly enjoys the office karaoke sessions


Lucy Fleming

Drives an amazing distance to the office as she loves where she works.

Also is a big fan of 'farm to table' living.


Karelle Berry

Friendly and passionate about life, Mum to 5 grown kids and a big community contributor. 

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